Worship in St Giles’

The Church of Scotland is presbyterian in government, and St Giles’ Cathedral is often called the Mother Church of World Presbyterianism.Cross 2 It has uniquely reflected the life and religion of Scotland and incorporated the dynamic vision of the 16th century Reformation in the continuity of a developing and catholic church.

There are five services every Sunday and on average fourteen acts of worship in St Giles’ every week. Worship at St Giles’ upholds Christian tradition alongside openness to contemporary thought and action.

Holy Communion is the central act of worship in St Giles’ and is celebrated several times each week. The Daily Service is a simple quarter-hour service of readings and prayers each weekday at noon. Visitors are welcome to join with the congregation in worship. Members of all churches are invited to participate fully in Holy Communion at St Giles’.

St Giles’ touches the hearts and minds of the many people who come into the church at all times of the day. Although the church may be full of bustle, a peaceful corner for quiet reflection can always be found. The Albany Aisle in the North West corner of the church is reserved for prayer and meditation.

In the Holy Blood Aisle, near the Organ, you can light a candle and also write a prayer/request for prayer.

St Giles’ Services

CrossAt the heart of the life of St Giles’ are the regular Sunday and daily services, attended by both the local

congregation and visitors from around the world.

Sunday Services
8.00 Morning Service – Holy Communion in the Holy Cross Aisle
10.00 Morning Service – Choir, Sermon, Holy Communion
11.30 Morning Service  – Choir, Sermon
18.00 St Giles’ at Six – Programme of Music
20.00 Evening Service – Holy Communion on last Sunday of the month

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Weekday Services
Holy Communion on Friday mornings at 8.00
and from March-December Wednesday mornings also at 8.00am

Daily Service at 12.00 noon (Monday – Saturday)