Music in St Giles

The life and worship of St Giles’ Cathedral is constantly enriched by music. Congregational singing is facilitated and supported by the Organ and bythe Cathedral Choir. The organ, built in 1992 by the Austrian firm of Rieger Orgelbau is widely recognised as being one of the finest in Europe.  It not only provides essential and varied accompaniments and voluntaries for services, but also attracts world-renowned recitalists.

The Cathedral Choir plays Peter Backhouse-0005 (2)a significant part in the worship and liturgy of St Giles’. Consisting of thirty singers it has a wide-ranging repertoire from the sixteenth century to the present day. It contributes to wider knowledge of the music in St Giles with broadcasts and CD recordings, as well as with choir tours abroad that help to encourage musicians and music lovers from different parts of the world to visit.

For over fifty years in the St Giles’ at Six series of Sunday evening concerts we have provided a platform for musicians of all ages and stages from all over the country and abroad.  The performers range from professional soloists to school choirs.

Our regular Lunchtime Concerts feature choirs and instrumental groups from around the world, and are enjoyed by the many visitors to St Giles’.

To discover how you can support the musical life of St Giles’ please visit the Friends of the Music page.